Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yes, another post about Steve Irwin

I was going to, tongue-in-cheek, call this post "This Post Is Not About Steve Irwin". Then I was going to write the whole post basically about how Steve Irwin's death has been covered in the media all over the world, and how I wasn't going to be adding to the cacophony. It was going to be all very ironic.

But that's the trouble when someone who makes people laugh and feel great dies. You can only think of them in terms of fun, when this man's loss is so tragic to his family, friends and community.

But even though he's gone, he still encourages us. Tonight Marie and I talked as we often do about dreams and the future, about leaving the merely good in favour of the best. If there was ever anyone who truly let you know he was living his dream, 100%, it was that crocodile man, Steve Irwin. Rest in Peace.


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