Thursday, September 14, 2006

What's better than feedback? Good feedback!

Okay, so negative feedback can open the door to improvement. Sure. But sometimes it is such a buzz to get some positive feedback, and it inspires you to do better.

Marie and I have had a nice couple of weeks of positive feedback.
  1. In a competition at Marie's work to garner good ideas, she won two MP3 players for the two ideas she submitted! (Her sister is very happy about the spare MP3 player)
  2. Marie's second university assignment, an essay, got an A+!
  3. I filed some stories late (a bad habit I'm working on!) and heard from two separate editors, "Thanks Simon, that story was worth the wait!"
  4. One editor who hadn't liked my first filed story said, "Thanks for the way you turned that story around!"
  5. I did a presentation at the Marketing Association's Practical Email Marketing yesterday, and afterwards one of the co-presenters of the day complimented me on my quiet, calm presentation style.
Great stuff, huh?

But I'm not just posting this stuff to brag. My point is to gather up as much positive feedback as you can and use it as propellant. There are plenty of challenges ahead if you're going to do something worthwhile. We need constructive criticism, yes, but we also need positive feedback that lets us know what we do well.

While I'm on the subject, I recently joined Trustcite, and if I've worked with you in the past, I'd welcome your feedback, positive or negative.


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