Thursday, September 21, 2006

Leadership resources you can watch again and again

I've been watching Band of Brothers again, having never seen it in its entirety when it came on TV. It's compelling drama, and chock full of leadership lessons.

It's worth viewing again and again, if only to figure out who all the characters are! And when you do start to recognise distinct characters, you'll see how cleverly the whole series is put together.

Each episode focuses on one character's journey - my favourite is Crossroads, which shows Capt. Winters (above, played by Damian Lewis) dealing with his face-to-face confrontation with a young German soldier. As you get to know the characters, you see the foreshadowing of their journey in earlier episodes, such as Lynn "Buck" Compton's (played by Neal McDonough) slow but definite slide into post traumatic stress disorder.

Band of Brothers has obviously inspired many people since its release in 2001, as evidenced by the tributes and leadership resources around the place.

Just one word of warning, though. Watching three episodes in a row just before going to sleep is a bad idea, unless you want to be dreaming about death. The realism in this mini-series is superbly done. Because of that, it doesn't glorify war. It does glorify courage, and in the process makes us ask: how can I be courageous today?


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