Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Weasel Words


Check out the top list of weasel wordy statements. Personally I think Network PR's isn't that weasely, and certainly doesn't deserve top billing, but maybe that's because I kind of work in PR.

What should top the list, in my humble opinion, is:

'The market access pillar in agriculture must go beyond this proposal ... We need to keep negotiating to push the ambition levels out ... At the end of the day we need to see a closing of the gap of the differential of the way industrial goods are treated to the way agricultural goods are treated.'
Mark Vaile, Australia's Trade Minister, refusing to give up on stalled PTO talks, ABC News (thanks to Marion Diamond)

Wow. If you can translate that in the forum (on the weaselwords site) you could win a diary or something. Goody.


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