Tuesday, October 11, 2005

'Clocky' earns grad student 15 minutes of fame - MIT News Office

This is a fantastic invention... but why didn't she just make a clock with no snooze button?


At 5:47 PM, Blogger Robyn said...

O m'gosh I need a "clocky".

I first put my clock in reach and hit the extra large snooze button over and over and over, without even opening my eyes ... never committing to waking.

Then my other personality decided to place it just out of reach so I had to lean right out of my warm blankets to hit snooze. It was working, My easy snooze patterns were being disrupted.

Now my first personality, not wanting to reach out that far, has taken to picking up the clock after the first 'snooze' and sliding it, power lead and all, under the edge of my pillow so I can hit snooze by merely moving my finger.

Then bloody daylight saving came!

The battle continues ...

At 7:53 AM, Blogger Simon said...

LOL! My earliest alarm clock memory is as an 11-year-old, I had one of those loud ticking clocks. I woke up just before the alarm was due to go off, and I was for some reason petrified, waiting for it to ring. When it went off I dove under the sheets! Put my hand up briefly to turn it off, then back under the sheets. Quite weird!


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