Sunday, January 23, 2005

Paul Slater // fast and nimble on his feet

January is the month of paeans to all my talented thespian, artist, and writer dudes.

Paul "Slate" Slater is just such a gem.

I'd come across Paul -- or "Slate" as he's affectionately known -- as part of my scribbling duties for Richard's Home of the Future. (see the Richard Wicka and the HOTF blog entry for more info on that stellar endeavor).

You see, Paul's a real funny katt, see.

He seems to come up with gobbles of giggles mondo pronto, see. Think about it -- if I were having a shindig, I'd want to sprinkle this Gregarious Buffalonian Giggler into my dull northern-chilled crowd.

Ah jeez, these staunch "north of 45" types. Those whose passions are dampened by sub-zero temps and the copious lack of economic opportunity. Oh, My People of the North, strong and free...okay I'll quit while ahead.

But the most amazing thing about Slate, as I've come to learn, see -- he's been there and done that, like. He's seen all there is to see -- see -- and been around that city block. I kinda like that. You know, having someone like Paul around when the going gets rough and tough is better than a Lloyds of London insurance policy.

But in case you haven't viewed any of P's segments yet, I recommend a spirited watch of his following Five Minute Clips (all rights reserved, HOTF):

** Peanut butter & jelly (Week 18)
** Anger (Week 20)
** Bills game (Week 26)
** Reflections (Week 27) -- his funniest.

and the delightful

** Pickles (Week 29)

Paul's email is

Send him a message, tell the whole bunch.

You're not going to be dissatisfied, see?

von Groovy


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