Sunday, January 23, 2005

'You really ARE what you WEAR'!

(posted by Stephanie Mezei,

Just recently, I was window shopping at my local mall and there was a T-shirt on display that instantly grabbed my attention. I just had to have it. The avocado green and insignia were, in my opinion, very suitable for me. It dons the word, 'HOT', with a cartoon chickadee directly underneath it, inbright yellow. Bold. The greatest thing is, I look the part. And, I love myself! At this stage in my life, I feel my self-confidence is at an all-time high. And I truly appreciate how hard I've worked to get here, and stay here.So, I'm proud to announce that I'm a hot chick! Obviously, I'm not shy and have no issue letting the general public know it, too.I'm all for self-representation. Making yourself stick out like a sore thumb is a GOODthing.If you can hack it....So here's a test to all of you reading this: Are you proud of yourself? Right at thismoment?If you're going out in public today, try to do this one thing. Wear whatever it is thatmakes youfeel amazing about yourself. No need for justifications. Walk a little taller than usual; you can actually look up to 5 lbs. slimmer.When you're glowing, you'll attract all the right things. Practice glowing and soon,you'll gather some serious momentum and move forward with great strides! Consider when we dress up for a fancy affair versus heading to the gym. You can lookgreat inboth instances, but isn't the point to always feel sexy and desirable? Dress for success. When you lookgood, you'll most certainly feel good. Go out into the world and be the best version of you there is. Shine....SM:-)


At 11:00 AM, Blogger Simon said...

Thanks for that, Steph! I remember in drama classes at school we were taught to wear the shoes of our character.

Good advice for life, methinks! Want to be successful? Get some successful shoes! (Ones that make you feel like what you want to be like) How you walk has a huge impact on everything about you - how you perceive yourself, and how others perceive you.

Anyway, I'm starting to repeat you, Steph, so I'll just sign off now :) You go girl!

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Borscht said...

I once heard a short clip on the radio (Simon -- doesn't radio rule!?) that people will judge you very much on how you wear your hair.

That, to some extent, sort of got lost in the translation for me, as the Count von Groovy isn't too concerned with making an impression -- being royalty and all...

But, in any event, clothes DO certainly make the man.

Now, on the other hand, if you're wearing the wrong clothes and don't know a thing what you're talking about -- you're definitely out of the running.

Why ruin the chances, if you can dress the part and look great?

P.S. Simon, I digged that snazzy blue number you wore for our first meeting at the hotel. Do you recall?

-- AM

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Simon said...

I certainly do ... that blue shirt is courtesy of my eagle-eyed wife, who chooses just about all my clothes for me.

As for the piebald number I wore at dinner in Titirangi, I totally freaked out when I saw the photos of me in that. Even if I lost 50 kilos it would make me look fat. Am still pondering what to do with it ... after all, the material's pretty funky! Perhaps it'll end up becoming one of Marie's creations! :)


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