Monday, January 10, 2005

Welcome aboard to Robyn and Dave

We have two new members on Leadership Issues ... and they're both from New Zealand!

Robyn sent me a post which I thought had gone on the blog, but I can't see it, so here it is:

"Kia ora Simon and friends,

Simon, I just got your electronic newsletter and was abruptly reminded that you sent me an invitation to join - so I did obviously. I have been an independent contractor for 14 years and moved to subcontracting other independent contractors who in turn sometimes sub-subcontract other independent contractors... one day Im going to get asked to sub-sub-sub-subcontract one of my own jobs!

What a wonderful life style - risky, unpredictable, exciting, rich one minute and in serious debt the next, forever challenging but not lonely - especially in Auckland where there is always a cafe to meet another contractor wanting a break and a chat and to share tips and tricks.

Anyway, why it took me so long to join this blog was after I received your invitation, I slipped a disk in my back, hit the deck, and that meant I studied the ceiling for a few weeks more than I really needed to. After reflecting on my life, my future and "leadership" I got so bloody bored that I decided to create a new business - another story ...

The most interesting part was that I was treated to insights about leadership in many forms. Two of my subcontractors took the initiative and took a couple of critical jobs, I rung every client and they all agreed to move deadlines and some even asked if I would like to be paid ahead of delivery, friends and some I had barely met came with food, supplies, took my children for well-deserved breaks, stayed over with us to help, walked my boisterous young dogs, and generally kept me out of mischief.

Today is my first day back on my computer working, yes new years eve and Im building my website for the new business - inspired by the leadership I was treated to over the past 6 weeks who helped me see that I needed to make a shift to more meaningful things.

Anyway, good to be here at last and I wish you all the best for the new year - nga mihi o te tau hou,


Thanks very much for that story, Robyn. Ain't it amazing how leadership comes through in the really little - but important - things of life.


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