Sunday, January 02, 2005

My seven-year old poem

Going through some old floppy disks (remember those?) and found a poem I'd written in 1998 about image. Interesting, considering I'm in the marketing industry, but I still believe what I wrote back then.

by Simon Young

Image is a trap
Image is a wall
Image isn't everything,
It's nothing at all

Image comes last
On my list
Image changes fast
Image isn't as important
As you'd like to think
Be freed from the pressure
To present yourself
As something you are not
Something you hope to be
Or wish you were

Just be yourself
Don't manipulate
Don't hesitate
To be real
Who are you and why?
I care about those things
I don't care about your walls
I don't care about your image
Who are you? Do you know?
Is your image really you
Or is it a guard over the
questioning hole that lies
at the centre of you?

(c) Copyright 1998 Simon Young


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Sandra said...

When I first read this Simon, I thought you meant you had written it when you were seven...what a bright child you would have been (well, you probably were anyway).

Living in Los Angeles, working in the entertainment industry, I can tell you that image is a very highly regarded thing here. People obsess over it, their own in particular, and everything they do revolves around it. The others they associate with, the clubs they visit, the cars they drive. It all boils down to projecting that all-important IMAGE.

And you're right, it doesn't mean anything, because it's usually all a con, right? And I think it's what happens when people aren't comfortable with themselves, or even worse, they have no idea who they really are. In the worst case, sometimes that true essence never gets to shine through, and that person is left to live a life that's devoid of authenticity. It becomes something of a trap then...what a horrible thought.


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