Monday, December 06, 2004

Storytellers wanted


I am writing to invite you to submit draft ideas/proposals for articles
to appear in the July/August 2005 issue of Storytell Magazine. I am
hoping for an international response from attorneys, politicians,
storytellers, healers, clerics, business people and the like so I cannot
guarantee that each will be published. However, those that do not make
it in will be offered to the HSA Newsletter, other SIG publications,
and/or posted on my website with attribution and contact information (if
the writer agrees) as part of an on-going effort to spread the many uses
of story as a key form of communicating. The particulars follow:

No matter that it's the 21st century - we are still driven by stories to
make order of things as we know them, to see the world in a particular
way. Here's a question: How does story act as motivator to help us see
the world in a particular way?

My project regarding Story As Motivator stems from an invitation to be
the guest editor for Storytelling Magazine for their July/August 2005
issue. Each civilization is built on five institutions: social,
political, intellectual, religious and economic. I would like to use
this issue to illustrate story as motivator along the lines of these
five institutions. Inotherwords, what social, political, intellectual,
religious and economic stories are we telling, do we seek to tell, or
have been instrumental in our culture. "Our culture" is defined as the
culture from which you come wherever that may be on the face of the

A few examples: what are the social, political, intellectual, religious
and economic stories that you heard and/or told across the country in
advance of this year's national and state elections. Likewise, what are
stories that were heard and told in the international community. Then
again, what about stories of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs which serve as
examples of the story that has shaped our idea of what the word
"invention" means: a couple of guys drop out of school and build an
empire. Or, how has storytelling formed the core of civilized life, how
do stories shape us as much as we shape stories (think urban legends),
and why does the human appetite for stories persist as the ultimate
connection between how we live and view reality?

The National Storytelling Network (NSN) publishes Storytelling Magazine
with the intention of being a real voice of and for storytellers. The
magazine usually includes approximately 15 short (1200-word) articles,
as well as including story text. I anticipate that we can meet and then
exceed that number of articles!

Most articles range from 500 to 1500 and the entire magazine length is
48 pages. Authors will be asked to also provide B & W photos and brief
bios with contact information as well. Article writers are not paid,
except in contributor copies. Copyright reverts to the article's author
following publication.

NOTE: While the issue will be released July 2005, the deadline date for
my submission of the journal to NSN is April 1, 2005.

DEADLINE: Based on my past editing work, I think it would be best if
the first draft of all your submissions be in California by January 1,
2005 so that there is time to do the necessary editing on all the
submissions before they are turned over with their respective sets of
graphics by the
deadline date of April 1, 2005.

I hope that you are interested in joining us in this publication. I am
looking for well written articles. Feel free to put in hefty doses of
story in this issue.

As soon as you can, please let me know what topic you have in mind and
the proposed length of article ~ Diane

Diane F. Wyzga, RN, JD
Lightning Rod Communications
"Translating Images Into Action"
San Clemente, CA
Tel: 949-361-3035
Fax: 949-369-1589"


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