Monday, November 29, 2004

Book Review: It's all a matter of attitude

This new book by Justin Herald is subtitled "Slogans to live your life by". It's as shallow as it sounds.

Justin is definitely an Achilles type personality (see my review on Troy). He believes leaders are born, not made, so if you're not a born leader, don't bother getting this book. It won't help.

Some of Justin's slogans are pretty cool. Like "When you control the ball you control the score", "I would rather be disliked for who I am rather than like for who I'm not", and "No one trains for second place".

But many of them show a deep misunderstanding of what it means to be human. "Just because I'm listening doesn't mean I care". This guy has no time for whiners. All power to him. "I don't have an attitude problem ... you have a perception problem" This guy is really, really arrogant.

Sure, that can be good. But as often as not, it can prevent you from getting where you need to go. (Not where you want to go, where you need to go)

It's all a matter of attitude is somewhat inspiring, but shortsighted. For all his willpower, Justin Herald doesn't understand what happens when you realise you can't control everything.

It's all a matter of attitude is published by Allen & Unwin


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