Saturday, January 08, 2005

Jesuit Priest, 9/11, and Jackass leadership skills

I love career contrasts, so this interview with a Jesuit priest who used to work for GE is great. I also love the part about 'contemplation in action'.

The specific leadership issue here:

"This is not to generalize too much, but I found that when I worked at GE that the company rewarded people who acted like jackasses. So, I had this thing called the Jackass Theory. The jackasses were rewarded because they were tough as nails. They seemed to lack compassion and they treated their employees like dirt. As you moved up in the organization, with a few exceptions, you became more and more of a jackass.

I was very surprised when I began interviewing with the Jesuits, that it was quite the opposite. The higher up I got in the Jesuit hierarchy the nicer the people seemed to be-and that really appealed to me. I thought there is something here that makes a lot more sense than the GE way of things."

And here I was thinking Jesuits were evil soldiers of Satan :)


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Borscht said...

Jesuits were like the latter-day Marines of their time.

Man, someone should do up a film about the "coureurs du bois" (in Canadian English pronounced --> ker-doo-b'wah) -- and the sturdy Jezzies who used to accompany them.

Russell Crowe in the title role -- 5-picture deal.

What d'ya say?

Simon, seems like we have another screenplay idea?


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