Sunday, January 23, 2005

Horatio Caine -- CSI: Miami

Off come the sunglasses, and you know he means business...

(Now would that make for an excellent tagline?)

Horatio Caine, masterfully portrayed by American actor David Caruso, is a dandy of an example of "leadership in action." As opposed to some of our more historical examples here on L.I., I've decided to present something a little more, er, current.

It's like this, see. Within seconds of arriving on any crime scene, Horatio's already knee-deep in the delegating.

So? Who cares? What makes Horatio such a dominating force, you ask?

Well, dear Reader, I've identified several characteristics which might shed some light on the issue:

1) Horatio's Experience --> there's nothing H don't know. While he does delegate most of the grunt work to his crew of Delko, Megan, Speed, & Calleigh ("sight for sore eyes" alert) -- in a pinch, "H" would know exactly where to begin if he had to dig right in.

2) "No" means "no" and "yes" means "yes" --> there's no double-talking with this dude. He earns the true respect of his crew because his word comes purely at face-value.

3) Decisive --> when Horatio decides on a particular course of action, there's zero deviating from the plan. And he's damn well relentless until the crime is solved and a job's well done.

4) The Paternal Figure --> while David Caruso is by no means an old geezer, his portrayal of H lends itself to mucho fatherly overtones. My professional belief is that it's Caruso's personal take on the drawn character, but that's too complicated for this blog entry. Let's just say he's, um, grown into this man, Caine. When Caine speaks, it's like a warm soothing balm.

5) Orderliness as Possible Sex Appeal? --> and there you have it, Ladies. Caruso is by no means a metrosexual looker, yet he does retain that cast-iron charm that's so highly attractive to the female folk. We'll tack it up to his, er, "X-Factor?"

I've been going through Season 1's episodes to gain a sharper angle on the evolution of the characters. Fine tooth comb like (can anyone think of a non-cliched way to say this -- I haven't slept all night?)

I've also invested myself heavily in this, um, Horatio. Was he -- for some asinine production reason -- no longer a part of the series, it might very well ring a death toll for my interest.

But I do recommend CSI. Any of them really. New York, Vegas, Miami, or trans fat-free.

Guess I love the Miami edition so much 'cause it's so damn-well Arctic-like up here...

Did I mention I dig Bruckheimer as well?

That, alas, is for another time.

-- Groovy


At 10:34 am, Blogger Simon said...

Let's not also forget that Horatio knows when he's right, and he's determined to let the bad guy know when he's wrong.

Horatio's the guy we would all like to be, in the way he relentlessly, gracefully, surgically brings the truth home to criminals.

I think that basic black-and-white sense of right and wrong (when backed up by the sure 'nuff facts!) is very comforting in a very gray world.

At 2:11 pm, Blogger Borscht said...

Bottom line, S, is that Horatio is a magnet. He's the kind of guy I'd want to enlist under. I mean, the man fershizzlin' engenders respect and dedication. Shonuff!

Though, I think a large part of this has much to do with the likes of, say, David Caruso -- I wonder if Horatio would play out the same way if "he" were another actor. Dig that?

Just a curious indulgence, you know what I mean?

Um, do you know what I mean?

But then again, said that one already, didn't I?

-- Groovy

At 2:37 pm, Blogger Simon said...

Good point. David Caruso is great - and I've only seen him in two parts; Horatio Caine and as Dino in the Russell Crowe/Meg Ryan thriller "Proof of Life".

Dino was a completely different character from Horatio, and therein lies Caruso's acting skill - if someone can play two totally different types of character, they're good in my books.

Gross oversimplification, I know, but that's just a symptom of my gradual shift from film-watching dilettante to eventual industry player.


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