Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Power of One - Arun Sarin makes things happen

I've been following Vodafone's fortunes recently and it's interesting what a turnaround this Telegraph article represents.

About a month ago it was all doom and gloom for Vodafone, as shareholders worried that the new man in charge was obsessed with acquisitions instead of generating a good return for shareholders.

Now, Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin is "the man" once more. He's been on what the papers are calling a charm offensive around all the investment brokers in the UK, and now they all agree that yes, Vodafone is on track to get really, really good. Again. Only better.

Undoubtedly Sarin must have had some good figures and spreadsheets to show the pointy-headed ones. But the impression I get is that it's more about his openness and willingness to discuss the hard questions that is earning Vodafone back brownie points.

Stunning, isn't it, that the fortunes of even a huge worldwide corporation like Vodafone can rest on the personal skills of just one man. And he is ... the man. Go Arun!


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