Tuesday, August 31, 2004

New Zealand News - NZ - Auckland mayoral contest shapes as a two-horse race

This story doesn't surprise me one bit. Everyone knows what Dick Hubbard stands for, and he has a good image, so of course people will choose him. He's also never been a politician, which will also make him more popular.

Interestingly, Hubbard hasn't used any billboards. He doesn't need to. All the other candidates have billboards, but I noticed that none of them really say anything about ... anything!

The other day I noticed that the billboard for candidate Bruce Hucker had been.. um.. adjusted so "Hucker" said something else (not Sucker).

As a good citizen I wanted to contact the campaign so they could repair it. But the billboard has no contact details. So I Googled - and found a special website had been set up especially for the campaign. Why isn't this website address on the billboard?

It's time political candidates took a few lessons from the world of branding - you've got to stand for something, and you've got to have a call for action (and no, "vote" is not the logical next step if your prospect knows nothing about you.)

I hope Dick Hubbard becomes mayor. I've had the pleasure of meeting him once, and he is every bit the gentleman that his image says he is.


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