Sunday, August 15, 2004

The trouble with some leaders

I've often wondered why we idolise some of the people we call 'leaders.'

Do we idolise them because they represent something inherently deep within us - attainable, yet seemingly without the proper avenue to express itself?

Surely, the line that separates the ones who 'perform under pressure' and the ones who perennially underform is a fine one indeed.

When we respect -- or in its worse manifestation, worship -- a leader, are we essentially expressing something about ourselves?


At 9:05 am, Blogger Simon said...

I think you could be right Adam - but I'd like to view it from the leader's point of view. I'm reminded of one of my favourite Albums - Michael Card's "Scribbling in the Sand" - where he introduces guitar virtuoso Phil Keaggy. (The one who - according to legend - was mentioned by Jimi Hendrix as the best guitarist in the world)

I'm paraphrasing here as unfortunately the CD doesn't play on my laptop:

"Some people this good make you feel you'll never be able to be that good... but just hearing someone like Phil, you feel that you can be that good too."

Also - how could I forget this - a fantastic quote from a recent book I read,called Hitler and Churchill: Lessons in Leadership...

(again paraphrased because I can't find it in the book!)

Hitler made people feel that he could do anything; Churchill made people feel _they_ could do anything.

At 5:44 pm, Blogger Borscht said...

Then the next question I would ask is: what made Hitler thus and Churchill the other. In many respects, I think Churchill was fortunate to have WWII during his lifetime -- 'fortunate' in the sense that he had a chance to shine. Whilst Chamberlain had the war tossed on him, he panicked and handled it like a hot potato - whilst Churchill, in many respects a serial bumbler by all accounts, rose to the occasion, and stamped his legacy on the 20th century.

The lesson to be learned is as follows: someone's time always has the potential of arriving at any moment - even in the later stages of one's life. Now THAT's highly inspirational indeed.


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