Friday, August 13, 2004

Fast Company | A Design for Living

The inspirational story of designer and entrepreneur Michael Graves. He discovered, almost by accident, that he'd created a business that replicated his unique brand through the people he worked with.

That's like the holy grail of business - and near impossible in a creative business! This is a really feel good story from a magazine (Fast Company) that keeps coming up with excellent profiles on leaders like this.

Here's the whole story.


At 9:49 pm, Blogger Borscht said...

I think back to our conversation in Princeton. On that afternoon, as Graves, visibly exhausted, prepared to go back to his house, I asked what message he would want people to know, based on his own experience with a disability.

He looked at me then with a mixture of frustration and resignation. "There should be no downtime," he said. "Sitting in front of the tube isn't in the cards anymore. You've got to be doing something. That's how I would plan my life if I got my legs back. I'd make use of every f---ing minute." Then he rolled away.

AM -- I'd have to say this rocks! I feel the same way sometimes -- trying to find the balance is always a difficult endeavour -- I guess it's people like Graves that get us thinking about how we're spending our time. I try every day to maximise the use of my time -- to always ensure that there's something out there I'm assimiliating as knowledge and using.


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