Monday, August 09, 2004

Flair makes a big difference

This year I discovered the Young family tree, and started off on a wild adventure through history, including some interesting royal ties.

Among other auspicious ancestors, I discovered I'm a direct descendant of King John, the eponymous star of Shakespeare's play. What I'd seen of "Robin of Sherwood" didn't seem too complimentary of John, so I thought I'd find out some more.

Historians say Shakespeare's "King John" is good theatre but bad history, so I've found some more accurate history.

Turns out John gets a bad rap -especially in contrast to his brother Richard - because of his lack of presentation flair. The decisions he and Richard made were equally good and equally bad, but Richard had better PR.

Very interesting!

BBC: King John and Richard I - Brothers and Rivals

William Shakespeare - King John - Synopsis - inaccurate (Richard I is different from Geoffrey) but helpful


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