Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Mini-Review: Ned Kelly

Watched Ned Kelly on Monday ... well, actually, watched and then listened. Our steeenkin' DVD playing software decided we couldn't have pictures and sound all at once, so we watched, trying to guess what was being said, then heard the soundtrack and completed the picture in our minds. Weird, but hey.

It made me think: If this was an accurate portrayal of Ned Kelly (which it seems to be from the doco) what a waste of potential! In his early 20s this man had learned how to:

  • inspire loyalty unto death
  • inspire admiration
  • decide the right course of action in a couple of seconds - and he had some of the hardest choices imposed upon him

He understood politics - when the police were arresting and persecuting his friends, he made sure they were looked after.

It was a very sad story... but just imagine the possibilities if circumstances had been different. He could have lived to a great age, and been a truly great man.

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