Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Welcome to Leadership Issues

Hi and welcome to my brand new blog! This is exclusively about leadership, and if I ever get off-track, please feel free to belt me in the side of the head. (Metaphorically).

First of all, I'd better define leadership.

Leadership (n): Leading yourself, leading people, making smart decisions so people will want to follow you.

Not sure why, but this subject is very interesting to me. Not because I'm a good leader, but because I want to be. Not because I have lofty goals, but because I realise that whatever role I'm found in, I need good leadership skills, even if just to lead myself.

What to expect from Leadership Issues

  • Inspiration. I don't limit myself to traditional sources of leadership - namely business and sports. There's more to the world than that. And as an eager consumer of popular culture, I'll especially be looking at the leadership lessons we learn from unexpected source, like:
  • Movie reviews. We learn a lot from movies - perhaps more than we realise. I'll take movies and TV shows apart and look at what they teach us about leadership.
  • Book reviews. This year I've probably read more than in the past three years. What goes in, must come out - somehow! But I will limit my comments to leadership.
  • Other stuff. 'Nuff said.


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