Friday, August 13, 2004

How do Australian Idol judges lead?

I was just catching up with Australian Idol on TV last night, and it struck me how Mark, Dicko and Marcia have to put on as much of a performance every week as any would-be idol.

Think about it - they have to:
  • give an accurate, fair critique of the performance
  • provide an entertaining enough experience for the viewers, and - this is the part that really interests me -
  • guide the contestants through the whole experience, preparing those who aren't ready to leave the show, and nurturing those who do well.

Marcia especially is great at this. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and it's clear that, if possible, she would like each one of the contestants going through. But she also brings her professionalism to the fore, and - even if the contestants are beyond help - gives them the benefit of her experience and advice.

When I read this back I just sound like a big ol' Idol fan, but I didn't really notice the great work these guys do until seeing New Zealand's first attempt at Idolisation. Yes, it was okay, but something was missing. Perhaps true leadership was one of them. Or maybe I'm just mowing down tall poppies ;)


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