Monday, April 03, 2006


Everything stopped at around 11am this morning. No power. The whole of West Auckland was out for around an hour and a half.

Amazing. Power cuts happen rarely around here, and I was astounded just how few useful options I had left.

Work? Only on paper, which is good, but limited usefulness.

Cook some lunch? Er, no.

Have a shower? As long as the hot water lasts. (Delaying showers till after 11am is one of the 'benefits' of working from home)

Watch TV? Duh!

Listen to some music? Unless I make it, ain't nothing happening.

Even the phone wouldn't work, because it's a fax/phone which plugs into the power.

Incredible experience. We should all go through it sometimes.

Interestingly, at the time the power went off I was reading this article from The Future of Work Agenda newsletter about how we're all crazy busy, and yet not getting much done. It's very interesting - I recommend you read it while the power's still on!


At 1:32 AM, Blogger Jack Yan said...

Cripes! I have heard of power outages in Auckland a lot—friends on the Shore lost electricity late last year. It may be a warning to do what I have done: keep a phone that uses the current from the phone line, which is independent from the three-point plugs’. You don’t want to be stranded, away from communication.
   I agree the odd outage is useful. Last week’s Sky TV outage forced families to talk together. How novel!


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