Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How To Avoid The Biggest Minefield In Consulting

How To Avoid The Biggest Minefield In Consulting

Great article from Sean D'Souza here, about how to qualify your client when you're the consultant: you need to really define what they want.

It made me think about the other side of the equation - the client. How often do we want to do something in a general direction, but don't really know what we want?

I think there's an opportunity here for consultants of all kinds.

We all know there's no longer such thing as life-long job security, and very few people stay in the same industry. So, you'll have many people like myself, who want to "do something in the movies", or like my wife who wants to "do psychology".

Both of those fields have an immense number of sub-fields, and in fact, some crossover too. But looking in on an industry from the outside, it all looks mysterious.

As more and more people change careers, I predict there will be a burgeoning industry of career change navigators, who will help people get to what it is they really want.


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