Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Richard Taylor - egomaniac?

That's probably the headline you're least likely to see anytime soon.

Richard Taylor, head of WETA workshop and now 5-time Oscar winner, is a consummately nice guy. Over the days since the Oscars, I've heard him repeatedly say that his wins are wins for the whole WETA team - the same line he's taken at every previous win.

Taylor knows the power of the media - how when you're famous, every little word means something, even if it doesn't in reality. So he sticks carefully to the message that's most important to him - that it's not about him personally, it is about the dedicated men and women who work without the public recognition.

Being any sort of leader is like being famous on a smaller scale. Marie's finding that in her job as a supervisor. Words and actions take on a symbolic, as well as an actual, meaning. So while it may seem unnecessary to repeat and reinforce your key messages, people notice if you do, and they notice if you don't.

Full credit to Taylor, not just for leading the winning team, but also for being so remarkably consistent in acknowledging the work of that team.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger Jack Yan said...

Humility is underrated in a ‘Look at me!’ society. However, when it is expressed, I am glad some people pick it up as a valuable trait to have in the 21st century.


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