Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Looking after your body, Part 1

Last year I spouted off, saying what I would curriculise (is there such a word? There is now) if I ran a school: how to look after your body, how to manage money, and how to get on with people.

I never said I knew how to do all that stuff! Just that I'd like it to be taught.

One area I'm coming to grips with is how to look after my body, through those much-neglected tools, and .

It all started when Marie went through two very major operations in 2003 and 2004. All of a sudden her energy was gone. Things we take for granted like being able to sit up and lie down became major missions.

She made a very brave recovery, and now has a fairly 'normal' life (whatever that is). But as she lay helpless recovering from surgery, she swore she'd look after herself. And do her best to help me do the same.

I must admit I don't think much about my body, or my state of health, until something doesn't work. Remember that episode of Star Trek where they had a race of brains in a box? I wouldn't mind being like that sometimes. But only sometimes.

So, with Marie's encouragement, we committed to exercise. If you've ever tried it and you have average willpower, you'll know an exercise regime is very hard to maintain. Starting it is very easy - persisting is painful.

Then there's the whole question of what exercises to do? Tomorrow I'll discuss some of the journey we've already progressed in on the exercise route.

The day after that, I'll talk about food. Yum.

And the day after that, I'll talk about why all this is very important in connection with leadership, leading yourself and others.


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