Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Entrepreneurial Team - Dana Blankenhorn

This is uncanny. About a week or so ago I realised why I hadn't got so far in my business as I could have: I'm not that much of an .

Sure, I enjoy creating something, but the side is actually making money from said creation. You got to be a little ruthless, and I'm, well, not.

So then I get this newsletter, and among other things, it says:

"Sure, you need the entrepreneur, the idea person. You need someone who can find the money, who can sell the scheme, who can adjust to events, who can lead. You need someone of boundless energy, determination, ambition, and (especially) ruthlessness."
Aha. Ruthlessness! Then...
"Steve Jobs is an entrepreneur. Every new product he launches is a separate entrepreneurial enterprise. It's a rare talent, something you can hear in Gershwin, or read in Rushdie. It's not something you learn in school.

I wish I were a Rushdie, or a Mozart, or even a Jobs, but I have learned that I'm a Salieri, fit to study the great but without the spark that makes for true greatness. I will commit to joining a team, I will work my butt off for the cause, but no matter how much I study entrepreneurship, I'll never gain the knack.

But it sure is fun to try."

Like minds think greatly! And he's right, it is fun to try. That's why this newsletter is definitely worth reading at least twice.


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