Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Link: How I am becoming an astronaut

Welcome to Damaris's Page!

I was just mooching around the Blogger homepage (can you tell I don't have a busy week on?), and checked out the list of "interesting blogs". Often blog titles are very esoteric and, well, just odd. They often don't mean what they say.

But this one, How I am becoming an astronaut, is exactly that, the journey of one Damaris B Sarria towards her goal of becoming an astronaut.

She says: "I started this blog to document the actions I am taking in trying to become an astronaut. It's my ultimate goal, my dream. Every week I post a new update to recap the week or add cool shuttle pictures. I hope you enjoy the site and remember to follow your dreams no matter what others may think of them."

That is awesome! And it shows just how powerful blogs can be. Go for it Damaris!


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