Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Do not mess with a Scotsman

Mrs. Brown is a touching tale of the relationship between Queen Victoria and her servant John Brown, the one man on her staff who cared for the person of Victoria, rather than her power.

At least, that's how he looked at things. And in believing that, he probably paved the path for his early demise.

See, his aim was great - to "see her safe". But his lack of people skills and inability to compromise made him a target for the jealousy and suspicion of other staff, not to mention the gossip-hungry public.

I don't suppose you could expect any different from a Highlander who's trained to be unswervingly loyal, and that's that. (I can make that sort of racial slur - I'm descended from Highland scots and had to learn the dark arts of compromise from my lowland ancestors).

Mrs. Brown is a really nice story, but also a sad look at what happens when we try to do everything ourselves. Strange as it seems, John Brown's character reminds me of a superhero - only he didn't have superpowers. He just had a super syndrome, and it killed him. And nobody cared except Victoria.


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