Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My latest scribblings for NZ Marketing Magazine

If you're in New Zealand you can read what I was up to in January in the latest Marketing Magazine.

The cover story looks at the future of direct marketing - and in fact the future of marketing. Very interesting stuff. It was hard to decide which bits to put in - there was just so much information that the story is really a 'highlights package'.

I looked at the conference industry, which brought to light some very interesting contacts in the area of communication and 'business theatre'. Perhaps more on that here later.

Finally my report on PR was fascinating to do, as it let me ask some of New Zealand's top PR gurus what they thought made a good PR person.

Best quote of the whole article was from John Bishop:

"Good management is good PR."

By the way, thanks John for the mention of the blog in your newsletter!


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