Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More FM is NZ's "Best Place To Work"

Radio station More FM is New Zealand's best small place to work. Not surprised - not only is it a lot of fun to listen to (when I actually listen) but I interviewed CEO Larry Somerville several years ago and he said you'd have to kill someone to get a job there.

Confused, I thought he meant being a murderer was a prerequisite - boy, and I thought the sales guys at Rhema were tough! No, he meant people were so happy there that no-one was thinking of listening.

Which contrasts starkly with the call centre industry Marie's in - where her company makes people pay $3000 if they leave within 12 months of starting - or the PR industry, where everyone I talk to seems to change jobs every 2 years. Is that the new 'normal'? Or is it just a sign of an unhealthy industry culture?

Anyway, here's the full story on Unlimited magazine's best places to work.


At 10:28 AM, Blogger M@ said...

I recently wrote an article on a company called Zeton. It's just some little industrial company, I guess. But the secret of their success is that in 19 years in business, not one single technical employee has ever left the company.

The reason? The employees own 1/3 of the company, and every employee has part of that ownership. When the company was profitable, employees were seeing Christmas bonuses of 45-50% of their salary.

They are a smart, forward-thinking company. Not many management groups are brave enough to follow their example, but the example is there to see. If that isn't leadership, I don't know what is.

At 10:41 AM, Blogger Simon said...

Cool! I think you're right that not many management groups would be brave enough to follow their example.

In their defense, it's the kind of thing that wouldn't work on a larger scale - or would it? In bigger companies, does the individual employee's efforts get lost in between the cracks? And therefore is it fair to give them a share of the profits, which they have little or no control over?

Another thought - I wonder how these employees feel about bearing the risk as well as the possibility of gain. I guess they're still on salary so they don't have to live out of dumpsters if the company's not doing well. But it would give one pause when considering whether to take a job there - and it would weed out potentially lazy workers too!


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