Monday, July 31, 2006

Marketing Awards

It was a real pleasure to be part of the Marketing Magazine Marketing Awards last Thursday. One of the best-organised events I've ever been to, and that salmon was delicious!

It was fantastic to be part of an event where success is really really celebrated. Marketing is a fairly niche industry, but even Marie (my wife), who isn't part of the industry, came away inspired to excellence.

Some food for thought from David Innes, who was inducted to the Marketing Hall of Fame: "Marketing in New Zealand needs to use less science and more creativity and entrepreneurship."

Sitting beside Sylvia and Keith from the Marketing Association (formerly the Direct Marketing Association, with quite a focus on database marketing and measurability) I really had to think before I applauded. Does too much science hamper us?

It surely can if we apply it the wrong way; but true scientific-mindedness, combined with intuitive understanding, can pave the way to an exciting future.


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