Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Strong Men With a Tear in Their Eyes

It's OK for blokes to cry - but blubbing is strictly for the girls - 10 Jul 2006 - World News

Fascinating stuff! Turns out perceptions of men crying have changed, and there are three rules for crying that will get you the respect and admiration of your peers:

1. Cry about something if it's important
2. Don't blub. Just have a moist eye. It shows "the intensity of tears but also shows you are in control of yourself."
3. Be male. This is kind of hard to do if you're not!

But it's good news for me. I have very sensitive eyes and even when I'm not deeply moved a brisk walk in the cold weather can make me all teary. I just need to find some important things to appear to be crying about, and I'll appear, according to this, "a strong, powerful man."

Brings a tear to your eye.


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