Thursday, May 25, 2006

Was going to try procrastination, but put it off...

Oh how I wish that headline were true of me... Sadly I have nearly perfected procrastination.

Last week, particularly, I was supremely proficient at wasting time. I spent what must have been two working days tweaking my desktop with Yahoo! Widgets.

But here's the irony ... I was looking for widgets that would help me track my time.

So this week, I've got the tools to stop procrastinating ... namely:
  1. a clock (or 4 ... I went a little overboard) that chimes every quarter hour. Amazing how time goes!
  2. A billable hours thingy ... so I can see how much or how little I'm earning each day. That's a powerful motivator!
  3. A "due" list that lists my jobs, and in how many days they're due.
It's all good, folks. And today on my third day of this new regime, the withdrawal symptoms from procrastination are starting to get bearable... just.

But hey, there are also widgets that show you the inside of hairdressing salons around the world... or the current azimuth of the moon ... or when the next solar eclipse is... approach widgets with care!


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