Thursday, May 18, 2006

What Happened to Your Parachute?

What Happened to Your Parachute?

An article from Fast Company. More a conversation, actually, between Daniel Pink (Free Agent Nation, A Whole New Mind) and Richard Bolles (What Colour is Your Parachute?).

If you're interested in career trends, this is like, I don't know, Bono interviewing Bob Dylan or something!

I smiled at this part:

DP: ...are there any other cherished myths you'd like to explode? Aren't we all free agents? Should companies not be fast?

RB: As I said previously, I have no problem with people noticing and talking about all the changes that have occurred. But I'd like them to talk about the constants, too. Yes, a lot more of us are free agents. And yes, a lot more companies are fast. But not everybody's become a free agent -- and not every company has become fast. We mustn't overdramatize our present time, as though everything is change, change, change. My wife, Carol, has a great saying about marriage: "You shouldn't have to work at your marriage. But you do have to pay attention." Many changes in the workplace aren't so dramatic that you have to work at them. But you do have to pay attention.

That, and more, in the full article.


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