Wednesday, May 25, 2005

� On being successful @ Stephan Spencer’s Scatterings

� On being successful @ Stephan Spencer’s Scatterings

Fantastic post here from web guru Stephan Spencer, about a conversation he had with another web guru, Gerry McGovern. Two people who appreciate the value of the words in websites! But I digress.

Fantastic post, I say, because it talks about how to avoid the busy-ness trap that easily gets us. A sample:

"How often have you claimed to be ‘too busy?’ What exactly does that mean? For me it’s an excuse. It means that I didn’t do something because it just wasn’t important enough for me to do. Or else it means I did something quickly, being too busy to do it right."


"This evening Gerry shared with me this quote from Edward de Bono: “Think slowly.” He goes on to say: if you’re lucky, you may find one big idea during your lifetime. So, take your time because you’ve got plenty of time."

Be sure to check out the full post.


At 6:18 pm, Blogger Jack Yan said...

‘Too busy’ is having a schedule that Condi Rice would be scared of. Like mine. But seriously, I do get Stephan's point.

At 10:07 am, Blogger Borscht said...

I've since purged that expression from my lexicon -- don't laugh, I refuse to say it anymore.

I mean, I will oftentimes be consumed with things for which I will not have the time -- physically-speaking-wise -- to do. Opportunity cost, is what I'd call it.

But I won't come up with ways to sugar-coat it.

I remember a job I'd had for, and the Ops guy used to have this sign posted on the wall of his office: "REASONS BECOME EXCUSES. DON'T HAVE A REASON" in response to the plethora of excuses we'd get from the student hires we'd had.

People would stagger into work late, and come up with the vaguest reasons for why they were late. It was really an excuse, plain and simple. Couched as soemthing else.

Kind of the same thing as "too busy."

See what I mean?


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