Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sometimes Self-leadership Sucks ... but not for long!

Marie and I live in two very different worlds of work. She works with basically the same team, at a set location, for a set number of hours per day, for a set number of days. When she's finished work, she's finished.

I, on the other hand, work with several different virtual teams scattered to the four winds, as many or as few hours as I can get away with, with competing priorities constantly facing me.

I also work from home, which is nice and convenient, but it also means I have zilch excuse for not doing the dishes ... or hanging the washing ... etc.

So I got to thinking, is this going to be the future of work for most people? Will the Maries of this world eventually all be working from home, as some like Daniel Pink (author of Free Agent Nation) say?

If so, we're (we meaning humanity) going to need to upskill in the area of self-leadership. Here's a typical conundrum I face: balance.

For instance, how do I balance my business - there's sales/marketing, admin and, oh, yes, the stuff I actually get paid for - the work!

But in a 21st century lifestyle work can't be all - that's an unsustainable lifestyle. So I must also attend to the household, to my own physical needs for exercise, rest and nutrition, and of course to my spiritual needs. Perhaps that should come first! Then maybe the rest would fall into place that much easier.

Anyway, that's what I've been thinking of lately, and rather than just stew it over myself I thought I'd share my experiences - and books I've been reading - here.

So I'll come back soon with reviews of two helpful books I've recently been looking at:

The Joy of Laziness
50 Spiritual Classics

If I start preaching, I'll move my post from this blog and post it at my Fundamentalist blog, where my hideous certainty about things spiritual has full reign.

For now, I'll just get on with my day, where I will try to balance all my needs and get some really productive stuff done! Wish me luck.


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