Thursday, December 15, 2005

Words and actions

This is from Down and Dirty Pictures : Miramax, Sundance, and the Rise of Independent Film, the rather large book by Peter Biskind I'm reading at the moment. It's about movies, but this quote here about Robert Redford is applicable to all kinds of people who find themselves in the position of a leader:

"...For some of the board [of Sundance], Redford's 'Ordinary Bob' routine was wearing thin. Says one who worked closely with the star, 'He wants to be seen as part of a group, but he's also the kind. There are lots of subtle ways he'll let you know that: the way he walks out on the middle of your presentation, the way he writes a note while somebody else is speaking, the way he doesn't say anything for half an hour, then talks for forty-five minutes, and then leaves, as if that's the last word. Bob used to say, 'This is not Robert Redford's Sundance, this is all of you.' We appreciated the intention of the remark, but we all knew it was bullshit."

When you're in a position to lead, remember, people are watching you very, very closely.


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