Saturday, January 13, 2007

Announcing Mad Young Thing

In 2007, I'm getting focussed and integrated. That means I'm writing around tighter topics of personal interest to myself. It means concentrating on work I can do well, and playing to my strengths.

It also means no more posts to Leadership Issues! I'm integrating my blogging activity into one, centralised blog:

Please join me, and enjoy a whole range of topics, ranging from the nature of reality, to the odd arty photo, to musings on storytelling, and of course the odd rant about leaders and what they do.

Although I won't be making any new posts, Leadership Issues will remain here on the web, so you can access the fascinating archives at any time.

Adios muchachos! See you at Mad Young Thing.

Update: see some posts on leadership, philosophy, world issues, management, economics, engagement and marketing.