Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Warriors Wisdom

Hi, my name is Jesper, and Im' very inspired by the way the Indians manage their lives.

The indians divide people into warriors or victims. To be a warriordoes not mean that you must be aggressive or violent. It means thatyou are in balance and cares about your relations. A warrior put thewinds in motion and starts things. A victim gets blown away by the wind. A warrior takes responsibility - for them selves, the family, the tribe, the company, the society. A victim pushes theresponsibility away, and blames other people if anything goes wrong. A warrior is honest and sayes thing short, sweet and to the point". Avictim creates a web of small and big lies around them. A warrior respects other people. A victim judges other people. A warrior is in balance and follows the ways of love. A victim is stressed, confused and full of fear.

It's a life long education to find the warrior path, but it's worth working on every day!

Four winds



At 11:03 pm, Blogger Simon said...

Thanks Jesper for your first (and second) post! And what a great post, too.

Just clarifying, do you mean Indian Indians, or Native Americans?

I really like the definition of a warrior and look forward to being one all the time... one day. In the meantime, I keep trying! :)

At 2:20 pm, Blogger Borscht said...

Welcome to Jasper, and for the perfect dose of wisdom at the right time. It makes me think of the immortal words of one of the juggernauts of Canadian politics, former ironman mayor of Montreal -- Jean Drapeau -- and his admonition of "Always solutions, never problems!" -- proof is in the pudding -- secured Expo '67, brought the Montreal Expos baseball team to the city, and was the lead orchestrator and chief architect of the 1976 Summer Olympics bid. No victimhood there, that's for sure!


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