Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Warriors Wisdom

Hi, my name is Jesper, and I want to thank you for getting invited to participate in this blog.

I love the way the Indians "manage" their lives. The indians divide people into warriors or victims. To be a warriordoes not mean that you must be aggressive or violent. It means thatyou are in balance and cares about your relations. A warrior put thewinds in motion and starts things. A victim gets blown away by thewind. A warrior takes responsibility - for them selves, the family,the tribe, the company, the society. A victim pushes the responsibility away, and blames other people if anything goes wrong. Awarrior is honest and sayes thing short, sweet and to the point". Avictim creates a web of small and big lies around them. A warriorrespects other people. A victim judges other people. A warrior is inbalance and follows the ways of love. A victim is stressed, confusedand full of fear.

It's a life long education to find the warrior path, and I work on it every day!

Four winds



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